Meet The R H Logistics Team

Richard Hindle - Managing Director

“If you think we don’t do it, just ask, because if we can’t do it today, WE WILL tomorrow”

 Richard Hindle created R H Logistics in 2003 for the very reason that he had terrible and often comical experiences at the hands of companies that today are R H Logistics’ competitors. Our team is reminded of this every day and my company strives to provide best of breed service each and every time we deliver. My initial expectations of what R H Logistics might do back in 2003 lasted about 5 minutes. What quickly became clear is that every R H Logistics customer is different, and their needs can be incredibly diverse. For that reason I divised a simple range of services to meet requirements from every possible user of the specialised transport sector. At R H Logistics we go to extraordinary lengths to please our customers and deliver their requirements, however ordinary or out of the ordinary those requirements may be. R H Logistics customers push the boundaries every day.

Laura Antrobus - Finance Director

I have been Accounts Manager here at R H since March 2006 & in 2018 I made it to Finance Director. My job role is to look after all aspects of Finance & Accounts from Credit Control to accounts payable to VAT and PAYE. I also deal with some HR and admin. If there’s a class on at the gym…I’m there!!

Bev Eden - ISO / Health & Safety Officer / New Business Assistant

“One of my first attempts at giving transport instructors to a driver was to give him the address of a hospital in Isle Of Wight. We should have gone to Portsmouth!!! He rang asking me why he needed to get on a ferry – the driver in question was RICHARD HINDLE, glad he saw the funny side, my transport skils have improved a lot since then”

I have been employed with R H Logistics since 2007. My role within the company has evolved over the years and I am now responsible for our marketing campaign and Health & Safety. Weekends see me ensconded in my arts & crafts room at home creating all kinds of wonderful things.

Ricky Pearce - Transport / Office Manager

“I started out at R H as a driver and was recently promoted to Transport Manager. If I’m not routing vans around the country then I’m checking on my various batches of chilli chutney or goat curry. I’m like a spice alchemist”

Jo Frangiamore - Demo Co-ordinator

“I am known as the murderer of the planning board so I’m banned from touching it :-/”

I think I might need a company van soon for all the cakes that Mamma Frangiamore sends in.

Ryan Gibbs Demo Co-ordinator

Swears he’s a northerner but must have left accent up in Barrow-in-Furness.

Matt Bourne - Demo Co-ordinator for Monitoring & Patient care

Founder of the exclusive R H Camera Club. When he’s not chucking weights around in his garage he’s out photographing his natural habitat.

Sam Owen - Demo Co-ordinator

Jake Hewlett - Demo Co-ordinator

“freeman catalogue has nothing on me”

John Kilcullen - Warehouse Early Shift

“I am definitely the best looking person working at RH”

John has an extensive logistics and asset management background. “In my down time I’m in the terraces at the Emirates Stadium or spending time with family”

Terry Kilroy - Warehouse Evening Shift

He’s probably one of the most cheerful members of the team. Don’t get him talking though or he won’t stop! If Spurs lose then he is not a happy chappy. 

We know that Terry would be the first to volunteer if Santa ever sacked Buddy the Elf…He loves Christmas that much it will make you sick!

Dale Lusted - Warehouse day shift

“Back by popular demand”

Mick Waterman - Warehouse afternoon shift

new for 2019

Rob Flavell - Tech Driver

“I’m the only employee who gets a tan whilst at work”


Andrew Blackie - Driver

“Weekends are for wimps!!!”

I enjoy working for RH Logistics, we are a happy team and I am always available with my van come rain or shine, whether it’s near or far. The transport team have my number on speed dial just in case there is any weekend work. Don’t call me if I’m at White Hart Lane though as my phone will be switched off!

Dan Matthews - Driver

Dan is another RH ghost. Sometimes he’s in the office checking the board for tomorrow’s routes and then he’s out again before anyone’s even looked up from their PC!

Matt Stevens - Driver

“I’m just washing my van”

If I’m not on the road then I’m in the yard washing my van. It’s that clean that you can eat your dinner off it, eat it quick though or I’ll have it!

Paul Leaver - Driver

“My nickname is ‘The Ghost'”

In and out of the warehouse like a ghost. Efficient but silent. Paul is another member of the team with a military background. It shows not only because of his professionalism but because his van is as shiny as his parade boots used to be.

Ed Walsh - Driver

“I’m by no means King of the road, but I know where every cafe in England is”

I have been with RH Logistics since the very beginning in 2003 and have watched it grow and grow. I must have gremlins in my phone as the driver’ app never appears to stock to my van for me! The office staff are always at hand to help out though. Voted Worst Joke Teller 2016 a title he is fighting his hardest to retain in 2017.

Stuart Gerrard - Driver

new for 2019

Phil Green - Driver

“It wasn’t me” 

I’m easy going. If I was anymore laid back I’d be horizontal! I have a predilection for confectionery so I think Fruit Pastels shares have gone through the roof since I have started working in the transport industry.

John Parry - Driver

new for 2019

Phil Baldwin - Driver

“i love golf but golf hates me”

Alan Kennet - Driver

“Petrol Head”

If I’m not driving then I’m listening to live music or tinkering with my motorbike or Jag

Brian O'Connor - Driver Training

“My nickname is “Belfast Bri”, not because I’m Irish but because I tend to miss my ferry and spend extra time there!”

My role within R H Logistics is driver, I have been with R H since 2012. I have met lots of new customers and clients and feel welcomed by all the team. I’m also part of the ever growing RH bike gang. Nothing makes me happier than the purr of a well maintained motorcycle!

Martin Benn - Driver

Martin is new to the team and is keeping his cards very close to his chest. He’s a very likeable chap and should fit in really well.

Mark Young - Driver

” during the war with uncle Albert”

I’ve swapped a life on the open waves for a life on the open road

Wayne Price - Driver

Never a frown on this man’s face. Always happy. He may as well start a blog reviewing cafes from around the country because you’ll get a review and a photo of his latest fry up via Facebook everyday anyway! “I love watching Chelsea and spending quality time with my boy.”

Steve Day - Building Facilities & Maintenance

“i keep the vans clean”

Steve always has a smile on his face come rain or shine. Well, maybe not so much rain but definitely when the sun is shining. I can fix anything

Alan McCabe - Driver

“International Man of Mystery”

Experience, knowledge and professionalism personified. “On time, every time” is Al’s motto. There isn’t an inch of the British Isles that Al hasn’t covered in his career. He was once photographed making tea for the office team. Sadly, this photograph has since been lost and so the tea making incident remains a myth.

Glen Evans - Driver

Jay Cornwell - fleet Mechanic

“when it breaks i fix it”

I do wish the vans would break in the day time and not in the middle of the night

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